Quality Assurance

Hisar fully adheres to and embraces a Total Quality Managemenet System, in accordance with ISO 9001-2008 stipulations. Quality is regarded as a continuous process with strict observance of all principles from start to finish. The goal is to ensure customer satisfaction by providing the most suitable product consistently, within the required timeframe, and to the closest adherence to the required specifications.

Strict Quality Control is maintained throughout  production, in the selection of raw materials, melting, moulding, casting, heat treatment and machining. During production and before final despatch, non-destructive hardness tests are carried out alongside, samples are routinely removed fort he monitoring of mechanical properties and micro-structure.

All major departments have their own Quality Assurance subdivision as well as a stand-alone Quality Assurance department whose task it is to not only maintain and inspect, but to set new goals to achieve in the name of constant development. Hisar’s culture and philosophy is to identify all possible staqes and aspect of improving quality is not a stationary target, but one which must be continuously furthered.

Hisar’s mission is to consistently manufacture rolls, rings, sleeves and arbours of the highest quality, fit for the given application with very competitive lead times. Owing to the above, over past decades, Hisar has established a reputation second-to-none as one of the leading suppliers for rolls, rings, sleeves and arbours.