SG-PC Cr Pearlitic Chill Rolls



SG-PC Cr Pearlitic Chill rolls are derived from SG-PC Pearlitic Chill material. The noticeable difference is the increased alloys, most notably Chromium which maintains hardness penetration to a further depth.

As with SG-PC Pearlitic Chill, it is formed of nodular graphite and carbides in a pearlitic matrix. The additional alloys achieve a deeper hardness penetration of carbides and consequently, SG-PC Cr Pearlitic Chill has a lower hardness drop than its counterpart. This leads to better wear resistance, especially for rolls with deeper grooves.

The softer grades have a pearlitic matrix containing ferrite around the graphite nodules, the intermediate hardness grades have a completely pearlitic matrix, while the hardest grades have a pearlitic-bainitic matrix. The carbide content is considerably higher in the harder grades than in the softer ones. The improved wear resistance is associated with a slight reduction in the mechanical properties of the core and neck material.

The extended indefinite chill characteristics give SG-PC Cr Pearlitic Chill rolls very good hardness penetration so that they are suitable for all types of sections and tubes.

All rolls of this material are statically single poured.