SG-AC Acicular Chill Rolls



SG-AC Acicular Chill rolls are stronger and more wear resistant than SG-PC Pearlitic Chill rolls and are capable of a much higher hardness.

The name of this material is based on its constituents of nodular graphite and carbides in an acicular (needle-like) bainitic matrix, also called Lower Bainite.

SG-AC Acicular Chill is more alloyed than the SG-PC Pearlitic Chill, and as a result, the acicular roll material has a bainitic matrix with increased carbide content and some martensite in the harder grades. SG-AC Acicular Chill is more wear resistant than its pearlitic counterpart of equal hardness. However, SG-PC Pearlitic Chill has a higher overall resistance to fire-cracking.

SG-AC Acicular Chill material’s superior wear resistance and excellent surface makes it very suitable for intermediate and finishing applications for rod and bar, sections and flats. Due to its hardness penetration, good wear resistance and tough necks, this material has become a benchmark in the rolling of long products and is suitable for a wide range of applications. SG-AC Acicular Chillhas become the contemporary replacement for Clear Chill Iron rolls, the conventional material in use for most of the 20th century, with high wear resistant carbides and its tough acicular matrix.

All rolls of this material are statically single poured.