SG-PC Pearlitic Chill Rolls



SG-PC Pearlitic Chill rolls are essentially an indefinite chill type materıal, but with the graphite in nodular form instead of flake. The name of this material is based on its constituents of nodular graphite and carbides in a pearlitic matrix. The internal ‘notch effect’ of nodular graphite is relatively small and therefore SG-PC Pearlitic Chill rolls have a much higher strength and allow the use of an iron roll in applications which would represent too high a duty for a flake iron quality. Due to its hardness penetration, good wear resistance and tough necks, this material has become a benchmark in the rolling of long products and is suitable for a wide range of applications.

The softer grades have a pearlitic matrix containing ferrite around the graphite nodules, the intermediate hardness grades have a completely pearlitic matrix, while the hardest grades have a pearlitic-bainitic matrix. The carbide content is considerably higher in the harder grades than in the softer ones. The resistance to fire-cracking is best when the softer grades are used.

The indefinite chill characteristics give SG-PC Pearlitic Chill rolls good hardness penetration so that they are suitable for small to medium sections and billets although they can also give good results when rolling flat products.

All rolls of this material are statically single poured.