SG-X Ferritic

SG-X Extra Ferritic Nodular Iron Rolls



SG-X Extra Ferritic nodular iron material further develops properties associated with SG Pearlitic Chill qualities. Typically, the graphite nodules are surrounded by a layer of ferrite giving a characteristic “bull's eye” effect.

The structure of the matrix ranges from mostly pearlitic in the lower alloyed grades and transitions to bainitic in the higher alloyed and heat treated grades. In all grades, a significant amount of ferrite surrounds each graphite nodule and carbide formation is suppressed.

It is not an exaggeration to state that this material was developed to provide extreme resistance to fire-cracking as well as thermal failure and has exceptional mechanical properties. This material is fine-tuned by precise control of alloying elements and is subjected to a high temperature multi-stage heat treatment.

The high strength and thermal resistance of SG-X Ferritic make it an ideal roll material for use in Breakdown and Roughing applications where thermal duty is severe.

The rolls have virtually no hardness drop and hardness penetration is excellent, permitting SG-X Ferritic to be used in all types of pass profiles. The softer grades have an excellent resistance to fire-cracking and are Hisar’s most fire-crack resistant cast roll grades.

Because of the nodular form of the graphite, the strength of SG-X Ferritic is quite high and the rolls can be used in relatively heavy duty applications.

All rolls of this material are statically single poured.