1964Founded as a jobbing foundry for the manufacture of castings for construction, mining, cement industries and other applications at 1000 tons per annum.

1978Investments to increase capacity to 2.000 tons per annum and introduction of a machine shop.

1982Investments to increase capacity to 4.000 tons per annum, expansion of the machine shop and additional treatment facilities.

1984First export of the company to Europe.

1987Separation of the machine shop as a subsidiary company and establishing of a heavy machining plant.

1990Targeting an expansion of material grades. Licensing agreement including know-how and technology transfer for manufacture of rolling mill rolls and rings with DAVY ROLL – UK.

1992Investments to increase capacity to 6.000 tons per annum. ISO 9002 certification.

1996Investments to increase capacity to 10.000 tons per annum and enlargement of heat treatment and surface hardening facilities.

2002Exports to over 35 countries world-wide accounting for over 85% of net sales.

2003ISO 9001-2000 certification.

2004Consultancy agreement initiated with KMI. Training programs, manufacturing optimization and establishment of best practices for all employees and departments. Completion of Executive MBA program and certification for all white collar employees. Total Quality Management  system applied throughout  the company.

2006First budget to project over 15,000 tonnes per annum. Founding of in-house Engineering Research and Development department for research on new and improved materials and optimization of casting techniques.

2007Major investment program with capital expenditure exceeding $20.000.000, completing over a 7 year plan. Capacity increased to 20.000 tons per annum. Heavy investments in subsidiary machine shop in the form of CNC lathes and other equipment, enlargement of heat treatment facilities with numerically controlled furnaces.

2008Spin-off of Rough Machining operations to a wholly owned subsidiary.

2010Major expansion and improvements in workforce skilling, handling apparatus and foundry equipment to widen the product range to accommodate products with finished weights up to 25 tonnes.

2011Modification of Induction hardening equipment to accommodate largest Idler & Sprockets as well as Track Pads. Addition of a CNC vertical lathe to the machine shop.

2012ISO 9001-2008 certification renewed.

2014Hisar is a trusted supplier of all four OEMs in the Hydraulic Mining Shovels segment.

2015Re-investment in Health & Safety Initiatives and Tooling. 5S implementation launched.

2015Hisar sales network spans >300 regular customers in over 79 countries world-wide. Exports account for over 95% of net sales revenue.