Hisar Çelik stands as one of the global leaders in the manufacturing of undercarriage systems. Our comprehensive capabilities enable us to execute all stages of production under one roof, encompassing engineering, casting, molding, heat treatment, machining, processing and painting. Hisar Çelik's production facility is structured into distinct departments, each dedicated to ensuring the highest quality standards and operational efficiency.


At the heart of our operations lies the engineering department, where innovation and precision converge. Our team of highly skilled engineers designs each product, carefully considering casting and finishing dimensions, model design, casting simulation, casting and heat treatment parameters, and technical drawings. This attention to detail ensures that every component meets the specific requirements of our valued customers.


The Pattern Shop serves as the starting place of the models that form the foundation of our undercarriage systems. These models, crafted from wood or aluminum, are instrumental in creating the sand and resin molds that shape the molten metal during the casting process. Our skilled patternmakers ensure that each model is crafted with precision and dimensional accuracy, laying the groundwork for the exceptional quality of our products.


Hisar Çelik's casting facility boasts six induction furnaces, capable of melting scrap and alloy mixtures at temperatures ranging from 1,500 to 1,600 degrees Celsius. These furnaces, equipped with advanced control systems, have an annual melting capacity of 40,000 tons of liquid metal. The molten metal is then poured into the molds prepared in the Pattern Shop, initiating the transformation into the undercarriage components.


To impart the desired mechanical strength and physical durability to our products, we employ a rigorous heat treatment process. This process utilizes specialized heat treatment furnaces that provide precise temperature control and controlled cooling, ensuring that each component achieves the optimal properties for its intended application. Our commitment to heat treatment ensures that Hisar Çelik products withstand the rigors of demanding environments.


Hisar Çelik's machining department is equipped with advanced CNC lathes, machining centers, and Bohrwerk machines, both vertical and horizontal. These machines enable us to achieve the precise product specifications and superior surface quality demanded by our customers.


Hisar Çelik offers an unparalleled level of service by bringing together three induction hardening equipments under one roof, dedicated to the surface hardening of undercarriage parts. This comprehensive approach ensures that our customers receive the highest quality surface hardening treatments, enhancing the durability and wear resistance of their undercarriage components.

In addition to our scanning type hardening equipment for large sprockets and rollers, we also maintain single shot induction hardening equipment specifically designed for rollers and small sprockets. This versatility enables us to cater to the diverse needs of our customers, providing tailored hardening solutions for a wide range of undercarriage components.


At Hisar Çelik, we are commited to quality, adhering to the stringent standards of ISO 9001:2008. Our Total Quality Management system encompasses every aspect of our operations, ensuring that quality is an integral part of our manufacturing philosophy.

Quality control principles are meticulously applied throughout the production process, commencing with the rigorous selection of raw materials. Every stage of production, from melting and molding to casting, heat treatment, and machining, is subjected to rigorous scrutiny. Dimensional checks and non-destructive hardness tests are conducted both during the production process and prior to shipment, ensuring that only products of the highest caliber reach our customers.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond individual components; we maintain an independent quality assurance department that oversees the entire production process. This independent body not only monitors and inspects our operations but also continuously sets new targets for improvement, driving us towards ever-higher levels of quality.


Hisar Çelik's modern laboratory and testing facilities serve as the backbone of our quality assurance efforts. Equipped with cutting-edge computer-controlled direct reading spectrographs, these facilities enable us to conduct instant analysis of materials, ensuring that they meet our stringent specifications.

Our commitment to innovation extends beyond quality control; we also maintain a dynamic R&D laboratory dedicated to developing cutting-edge undercarriage solutions. Our team of engineers is constantly engaged in exploring new materials, refining manufacturing processes, and expanding our product portfolio.

The R&D department maintains close collaboration with the Quality Assurance and Sales departments, fostering a seamless feedback mechanism that ensures our products are aligned with the evolving needs of our customers. This collaborative approach drives continuous improvement and innovation, enabling Hisar Çelik to remain at the forefront of the industry